Pockets=Gender Equality

Did you know that it wasn’t until WWII that women clothing got pockets as they began doing jobs that were previously performed by men?
But once the war ended and women went back to housewifery and you have guessed it, so went the pockets!!! The humble pocket remained a great clothing gender divider even one century later.

So the next time, a designer tells you that you have to sacrifice fashion over function, you can tell them to go shove it! Patch Pocket can hold a phone or front faced wallet and certainly a  pen.

GoCHeeKS promotes INCLUSION and so please get GoCHeeKS Patch-A-Bling Random Pocket Tees for your female + male friends, family and team members too.

Colours : white,black, navy blue, maroon, red
Sizes: S,M,L
Style: crew round neck, short sleeve
Material: 100 percent cotton
Fit: Regular


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