Scalene scarves

Scalene scarves


"Manic Monday"
Artwork by artist Chee 

Ever had a day where you feel everything in a huge spin? Yet when you get into the rhythm of it all, you begin to visualise, absorb, produce and at day s end, be emotionally fulfilled ? This is "Manic Monday" ,an artwork by artist Chee, inspired by our modern living.

GoCHeeKS will be spinning out several wearable art items for you using our new fabric of Japanese voile cotton (80 percent cotton + 20 percent polyester)
The lovely fabric offers the lovely airiness and comfort of light cotton with the benefit of vibrant sublimation quality colours.

Scalene RM160 (1st June) 
Asymmetry triangle 190cm x150cmx 83cm
Inspired by the French 
Keeps you just lightly warm in a summery day
Due to its asymmetry, this scarf wear offers you unlimited styles of wearing
Lengthwise- Roll and Drap over the neck or shoulder for that "tall" effect
Sidewise- Knot  it casually to one side of the chest. Glamour it up a notch with a simple silver scarf ring.Excellent for that cocktail look.
Frontline- Knot it like a bandana at the back of the neck. Excellent for jackets or low cut blouses
There are so many ways to play with this babe that you may end up not leaving the dressing room


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