GoCHeeKS Square Scarf


Description GoCHeeKS Square Scarf Dimension: 103 x 103 cm Material: Translucent Soft Chiffon Price: RM170 This artwork by Artist Chee is a composite project where the various seasons were painted in four separate artworks over several years and finally put together only in 2019. One can truly appreciate the evolution of painting styles too. Truly […]

Scalene scarves


"Manic Monday" Artwork by artist Chee  Ever had a day where you feel everything in a huge spin? Yet when you get into the rhythm of it all, you begin to visualise, absorb, produce and at day s end, be emotionally fulfilled ? This is "Manic Monday" ,an artwork by artist Chee, inspired by our […]


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These luxuriously designed scarves are high quality prints on silk satin. Designs is from the original artworks by artist Cheelihar. GoCHeeKS Square Scarf Scalene scarves