Founder Story

Hi, I am Chee, founder and the sole creative of GoCHeeKS – Wear An ARTitude!

I haven not always been an artist. In fact, for most of my professional career, I flourished in the financial services sector in South East Asia. All that changed in 2010, when I unconsciously turned to the visual art as my main form of meditation (recall the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 & beyond). 

However, the real story of GoCHeeKS – Wear An ARTitude only started in 2016 after a bout of tendonitis which incapacitated my ability to paint very large canvas artworks. Hence after my 4th visual art exhibition in 2015, I dived into creating hand painted pieces which I would print on lovely fabrics to form wearable art accessories like kimono cardigan, scarves,tops, twillies, tees and the hugely popular limited edition ladies bags .


Brand Story

Partytime- Have you ever been to a party, feeling like a queen but hold and behold, you bump into other guests draping a shawl or carrying a clutch of the same brand and make? Or ever wish that you could express yourself better than in a safe little black dress + a black clutch?

Casual Fridays- Don t you wish that a sense of class never hurts dressing down?

Running after the kids-  Surely, a hockey mum should enjoy simple elegance and look great! 

Corporate setting-Ladies in suits look smart and almost ‘one of the boys’. Do you really want to assimilate to that extent? 

All these real life scenarios are solved by GoCHeeKS distinctive style of flamboyant artwork creations. Hence our tagline of ‘Wear An ARTitude’

What does ARTitude mean? It s exactly that, ART + ATTITUDE! 

ART :- Each GoCHeeKS wearable art product originates from an original artwork by me. After careful selection for product suitability, our digital expert will perfect and digitise them for high quality printing on fabrics of Voile, Silk satin, Chiffon and Microfiber. The premium dyes our printing company use ensure steadfast and vibrant results and is quality inspected before they are sent to our sewing artisans, Mei Li, Loi and Michelle. 

Artisans Mei Li, Loi and Michelle are women needle pointers with decades of experience under their belts. They bring to form GoCHeeKS scarves, shawls, scalene, kimono cardigans, cut-out blouses and a range of bags that ranges from the fashionable mini to stylish utility tote. Together ,we take as much pride in our work as you do, in wearing them .

In sum, you could say that each wearable art product that you buy is truly invested from the the starting point of my paint brush to the point where it is delivered for your styling! 

ATTITUDE :- An attitude in life is often reflected in how we dress. What GoCHeeKS unique artwork accessories do is to surface this dressing consciousness in order to optimise one s own sense of well being and projection on others . 

GoCHeeKS – Wear An ARTitude is subtle, classy and complements almost any range of dress styles, be it casual , corporate or evening wear. Wear it how you want to wear, strut it where you want to strut it. The world is your oyster when you are in one of our unique yet affordable creations. 


Our Pricing

We consciously price our creations at the mid-premium range to reflect the true value of the passion, originality and artistic creativity invested in each item as well as to make it fairly affordable. The uniqueness shows up subtly through your dressing confidence and aura. Often,they become conversation pieces. GoCHeeKS creations complement all body types, skin tones, age proof and is worth it. We make things that you would like to keep and reuse all the time due to its rarity and high quality. This promotes sustainability to our fragile ecosystem too.


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